Photos of the Exhibition – Ad Libitum – Rome and Tivoli 2018 – new work on paper by Wendy Artin

by Wendy Artin

First pictures hung were the giant charcoal statues from the Piazza Navona!

The big drawings set the stage.  It was so great to see them all up again, the way they were in my Roman studio, after these recent months stacked and invisible between layers of glassine!

*          *          *

Next came the large and tiny sepia watercolors of Rome…

Thank you to everyone who came to the opening!  Thank you to the casual droppers-by and to the people who brought groups in to see the show!  And most of all, thank you to each person who bought a painting — you make it all possible.

The Ad Libitum catalogue has two beautiful introductions, by Elizabeth McGowan and Guy Hedreen, from the Art History Department at Williams College.  Liz and Guy happened to be in residence at the American Academy in 1994 when I arrived, never meaning to stay, in Rome…

Thanks to the photographers:  Carolyn Artin, Lynda Moss, and Joanna Kerns!