Springtime! Love My Way, Impulsus, and Painting Masters Video by Liron Yanconsky

by Wendy Artin

*Painting Masters YouTube video by Liron Yanconsky*
*Exhibition “Love My Way” in Villa Noailles at Hyères*
*Exhibition “Impulsus” at Flatiron Project Space, School of Visual Arts in Manhattan*

Liron Yanconsky, thank you! I love this video, your observations, your eye for detail and your wonderful accent. I don’t use opaque whites or Paynes grey, but I do sometimes map things out in thin watercolor. I love the way some tiny paintings (this one) seem gigantic, while other enormous ones appear tiny… the way the screen can be enormous and also so insignificant.

* * *

I am very pleased that my painting of Giuseppe is part of LOVE MY WAY, an exhibition of provocative nudes collected by Pierre Passebon, at the celebrated Villa Noailles in Hyères, France, from Friday April 26th to May 26th, 2019.

Wendy Artin, Giuseppe, 2017

Wendy Artin, Giuseppe, 20 x 32 cm, watercolor, 2017

A note about the exhibition,


Far from the open thighs of Leda before Jupiter transformed into a swan or the frescoes of Pompeii, la villa Romaine exudes a troubling perfume of provocation.  With “Love My Way”, Jean-Pierre Blanc, director of the villa Noailles in Hyeres, has taken the decision to put on an exhibition which would have enchanted Marie Laure de Noailles, who was rather keen on provocation and freedom.  Here, at the villa Romaine, sexuality has been hung from the picture rails.  It is stripped down and hardened, it torments or it provokes, it hides or it stands proud.  And if it is just insinuated, it is an immodest look which arouses the visitor, shattering those final taboos through the suggestion of voluptuous emotions. Classical or daring works, poetical or disturbing, art aims above all to represent that which it fears to desire. “Sex and art are the same thing” wrote Picasso.  And this, quite simply, because creation and desire are tightly bound.

Pierre Passebon has loaned more than one hundred male nudes for “Love My Way”  Whatever the medium, here, sexuality is above all aestheticized and “de-moralised”.  Stripped of its coyness, of its fig leaf or draped fabric, it is framed, enlightened, and detailed.  It is celebrated and magnified.

(translated from French)

* * *

I am honored to have been the visiting guest artist in the Flatiron Project Space at the School of Visual Arts, in the exhibition IMPULSUS, curated by Peter Hristoff. The art in this exhibit reflected the spell cast by the enchanted city of Rome on all who visit, for a weekend, a year, or twenty-five.

On display were my almost-life-sized watercolor painting of the small and lovely Aphrodite from the unusual Montemartini museum in Rome, and figure paintings of two of my favorite models in Rome.  

Wendy Artin, Venus Montemartini, 22″ x 40″, watercolor on cotton paper, 2019