Review of Révèle on Delicious Line by Danielle Alyssa Boudrot!

by Wendy Artin

I am so pleased to share this beautiful review of Révèle that has just come out on DELICIOUS LINE, written by Danielle Alyssa Boudrot!

American artist Wendy Artin’s latest exhibition “Révèle” explores the human form in all its glory. The seventy five new works in watercolor, charcoal and chalk on white or brown paper capture both live nude models and classical stone statues.

Wendy’s art offers a rare and masterful interpretation of the human form. The absence of paint is as modern and refreshing as the brushstrokes themselves. Handmade paper provides a simple canvas for her graceful yet nuanced hand. With minimal paint on paper, she captures the essence of her subject. Every shape, contour and texture is examined and celebrated.

Her exploration of chalk and charcoal on brown paper is a new adventure. Although a contrast from her translucent watercolors, she is still able to achieve a similar sense of lightness. The rich dark paper provides an earthy foundation for lightly textured chalk or charcoal. This contrast allows the viewer to examine the subject through a new lens. Her model Alex is a particular favorite, positioning himself in rhythmic shapes that reawaken the human form. Wendy captures a fleeting moment in time, a unique movement in time, with such precision yet freedom. To see a torso, back, or foot in a new way is a revelation. Light and shadow accentuate every curve and muscle allowing the form to dance with us. It is a partnership. To experience her art is to have a relationship with the artist and subject. With only a fragment, Wendy is able to reveal the sublime beauty of the human form, complete with all its complexity, fragility, strength, perfection and imperfection.

Every brushstroke, every line, has meaning, importance and purpose. What of J.S. Bach or John Keats? Every note, every word, has meaning, importance and purpose. What remains is a pure, composed and deeply layered work of art. There is no noise, no chaos, no excess, just the soul of the subject exposed. 

Exhibition: Révèle – Wendy Artin
watercolors, charcoal and chalk drawings
Gurari Collections
460 Harrison Avenue
Boston MA 02118
November 1st – December 9th, 2019