Wendy Artin, photos from the exhibition

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Flesh and Stone, November 4th 2022 – January 20th 2023, Gurari Collections Boston – PRESS RELEASE

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2022 Linea Interview with Stephanie Cassidy, Art Students League

FLOW, December 3rd 2021 – January 30th, 2022, Gurari Collections Boston – PRESS RELEASE

Michael Frank, writing for LUSH: Flora e Fauna dalla Quarantena

Photos of the Exhibition – Révèle – new works in watercolor, white chalk and charcoal on paper by Wendy Artin

The Greenery of Spring by Francis Morrissey, Fava Beans and a flowery Zucchini

Sarah Kilgallon, writing about leeks and a yellow taxi cab

Jonathan Nossiter, writing for LUSH : Flora e Fauna dalla Quarantena

LUSH: Flora e Fauna dalla Quarantena – Wendy Artin – Gurari Collections, Boston, November 21, 2020 – PRESS RELEASE

Review of Révèle on Delicious Line by Danielle Alyssa Boudrot!